At Shear Joy, you can expect the usual—a great, classic haircut. If you’re looking for a blast from the past, this is where the shop really shines. From regular haircuts for men, women and kids to an old fashion straight razor shave.

Walk-ins and appointments, all are welcomed!.


Our offerings include haircuts for men, women and kids. Get the shape and style that you deserve.


  • Men – Precise Haircuts & Hairstyles, Fades, Buzz Cuts
  • Women –  Sophisticated Haircuts, shampoo, blow-dry and hair treatment
  • Kids (ages 12 & under)
  • Seniors – Reasonable prices for seniors


  • Beard and Moustache Trims
    Trimming and shaping of the beard
  • Straight Razor Shave
    Old Fashion straight razor shave with hot lather and steamed towels
  • Head Shave
    Straight razor shave with hot lather and steamed towels.

Book Appointment

You have a few convenient options for scheduling an appointment. This can be done via e-mail, the form below. If the shop is closed, please call us and leave a message. We will return your call as soon as possible.

    10 - 11 A.M.11 - 12 P.M.12 - 1 P.M.1 - 2 P.M.2 - 3 P.M.3 - 4 P.M.4 - 5 P.M.5 - 6 P.M.6 - 7 P.M.

    If you need to cancel your appointment,
    please do so within 24 – 48 hours.


     Shear Joy wants to make life easier for parents. We have a friendly atmosphere – TVs on the wall and surroundings of books, toys and games.

    We will  also capture baby’s first haircut and give a first haircut certificate including photo for free!


    Since the opening in 1959, Shear Joy has become the oldest barber shop in Terra Linda. Sandra has been fortunate to continue the tradition of providing haircuts for men and women of all ages. Her commitment with the community is to have families enjoy barber services at a reasonable price.